Will Joe Biden phone call Trump?

The new president of the United States, Joe Biden, has no plans to call the outgoing US President Donald Trump. White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said.

CNN Online reports that White House Press Secretary Jane Saki made the remarks in response to a question from a reporter at a news conference on Thursday. “I have no plans to call,” he said.

Journalists wanted to know again what note the outgoing President Trump left in the Oval Office for the new President Biden. Journalists especially wanted to know about Biden’s comments on the letter.

Earlier in the day, Biden said Trump had left a very kind letter to him at the Oval Office. He’s thinking of talking to Trump.

Explaining Biden’s remarks, Jane Sackie said Biden wanted to say that he would not release the personal notes he left without the consent of former President Trump.

“But I would not say that he (Biden) is going to call and get this consent,” said Jane Sackie.

Jane Sackie said Biden was speaking out of respect for Trump’s personal letter.

As is customary in the United States, the outgoing president of the country leaves a letter in the Oval Office for the new president. Trump has defended this practice. However, Trump has broken the tradition of the outgoing president attending the inauguration of the new president.

Trump announced earlier that he would not attend Biden’s inauguration. On the morning of January 20, Trump left the White House for Florida. Biden was sworn in at noon that day.

Trump lost the November 3 presidential election. However, he made false allegations of fraud in this election. He claimed to have won the election. Biden refused to accept defeat. Although Trump left power after a series of events, he has not yet publicly acknowledged his defeat.

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