WhatsApp: Google search matches mobile numbers!

WhatsApp is embroiled in a heated debate over privacy policy changes. In the meantime, millions of users have left WhatsApp. Under pressure, WhatsApp authorities have postponed a three-month privacy update on large-scale data exchange with Facebook.

Meanwhile, Indian-origin cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajharia has given explosive information about WhatsApp. He claims that the web version of WhatsApp matches the users’ mobile numbers in Google search.

Rajasekhara Rajhariya claims that WhatsApp has revealed these numbers. As a result, open information, including mobile numbers, is automatically displayed when indexing WhatsApp web data on the Google search page. He has a lot of evidence. However, WhatsApp has not yet opened its mouth about this.

It is worth mentioning that in February last year, WhatsApp authorities were severely criticized for opening the links of 460,000 internal conversations of WhatsApp group users and displaying that information in Google search. Source:

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