What is the Fiverr market?

Launched in 2010, Fiverr is an online marketplace that provides all kinds of digital work and services for clients, starting with freelancers (sellers) (1 jig) around the world.

Some ethical business services that are you can buy or sell include impacts marketing, social media or blog posting, business card template, contents creations, and website or promotion help.

Fiverr also provides some business services that many consider unethical. You can buy website hits, fake Facebook pages, fake Instagram or Twitter followers, Twitter posts, likes and retweets, fake reviews to promote your brand or hurt your competition, and other services that violate the terms of service of other websites.

Alternatively, there are unique and stupid services that people think of to make money. You can pay to write a photo on a person’s belly and model, pay someone to make a doll video, or write your name on a lemon with a hamster, or hire someone to call and punch your friends. Someone pretending to be your boyfriend and selling services on Facebook to make your ex jealous.

As of November 2015, Fiber allowed vendors to charge more than 5 5 for basic services and received more than 110 110 million in funding from investors. According to a VentureBeat article, in November 2015 they reported that they were handling one million transactions per month.

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