Today I got married

I don’t know sugar, I got married to someone today. I only spoke to him on the phone once before the wedding. He called to get my opinion. Due to my grandmother’s illness, my father gave me my marriage very quickly. I am the eldest daughter of the family. Grandmother wanted to see her granddaughter’s wedding before she knew it. So the marriage took place in a hurry.
I don’t know what the man will be like.

How will the people of his house? My hands and feet are getting cold with fear. He came to the room and told me to freshen up. And there is food on the side table. You must be hungry. The whole day was disturbing. I heard that girls can’t eat properly on their wedding day. A nervousness works. This is very normal.

I check the mail a little while you eat the food fresh. Don’t be afraid I’m on the balcony.
I was very surprised by the man’s words. I heard from girlfriends, on the wedding day or husbands talking to the wife. Say romantic conversations. He did not say anything! I ate the food fresh. Luckily he realized I was hungry. He has been holding the nail in his stomach all day long.

I am sitting quietly after eating. He came from the balcony and said, have you not slept yet? You must have been very tired all day and you must have fallen asleep very tired. I’m turning off the lights.
I hesitated and said, no, I don’t need to turn off the lights. Fear me in the dark.

He said with a smile, OK as you wish.
When I wake up in the morning, I see breakfast on the table. Am I late? No, it’s just eight o’clock on the clock. Who made so much food! I heard he doesn’t have a mother. Someone else may have made it.
I heard my father-in-law has a business. He ate breakfast in the morning and went out.

As soon as the meal was over, my groom said, I have cooked lunch. And the maid will come and do all the washing work. You don’t have to do anything.
I know light thin cooking but I said nothing more on his face. Yes, I nodded.

After eating lunch, it seemed that the man’s cooking was very tasty. There is no mother, so maybe the poor man has become accustomed to cooking. Thinking about all this, I saw that he had called. He said to me, what kind of food do you like to eat? Can you give me a kindly massage? I don’t really remember. I will bring everything when I return from the office.
I am very shy about eating. It was very uncomfortable to say. I said in a calm voice, I will not eat anything. You don’t have to think that there is enough food at home. You will come carefully.

I was very hesitant to say that. He hung up the phone.
When I returned home at night, I saw that he had brought this bag of food. My father-in-law called me and said, how can you eat whatever you want? This is your home. It will be the same here as it is in your own home.
I shook my head indicating yes in a low voice. I don’t think I’ve come to an unfamiliar place. Both father and son are taking good care of me. But before marriage, I was very scared.

A week has passed. They still don’t let me do a thing. He gets angry whenever he wants to work. What a strange man! I like to lie down all the time or not!

As I was tidying up my cupboards at night, I suddenly found an old photo album. He was working on a laptop then. I opened the album and saw a little boy in the lap of a lady. I realized that this is her mother means my mother-in-law. I went in front of him with the picture and said, my mother was very beautiful to see MashaAllah. You were also very cute when you were young. But now he has become a little sullen. No, look at the picture, how you were smiling. Sometimes you can smile a little!
I don’t know why he got angry when he saw the picture. Without saying anything, he stopped the room and left.

I may have been wrong. Maybe he remembered his mother when he saw the picture.
While I was working hand in hand with Bua, he called me and said, I thought I would go shopping with you. When do you want to leave? Today is an off day I am free all day. you there is not your need to go to the kitchens. If Bua leaves everything tidy, I will finish the cooking.
I said angrily, I do not like to lie down all the time. Can I help Bua a little?
He quietly went into the room.

I said to the boy, well aunt what happened to her mother? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? He never said when asked. And did not dare to ask the father.
Bua said, “I mean, my wife understands that they have a little star.” The vegetables have been cut and I go here.
I understood very well that my aunt avoided my words. Sounds weird.

He brought coffee while I was standing on the balcony at night. After drinking coffee, he said, you want to know about my mother, right?

I sipped my cup of coffee and said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to say it.”
At that time there was a great shortage in the father’s family. One day the father finds out that the mother has formed a relationship with someone else. Who has a lot of money? My mother left me and ran away with the man. Later the father sent the divorce papers. Dad made me the man with one hand.

Never understood the lack of a mother. But when I understood everything after growing up, my father called me one day and said that along with love in life, money is also needed. Nowadays no one holds anyone’s hand except money. I will always try to keep my wife happy. I will not try but keep it happy. I will not let you understand the lack of anything. But of course, I will respect him first of all. I will take care of what he is having difficulty with. I don’t want what happened in my life to happen in your life. I will always love my wife.

I took a breath and said, my father loved me too. Did you manage to hold on? In fact, the one who loves does not need any money. And he who does not love can not be tied to anything. Not everyone wants money. Some people just want a trustworthy person who will keep them in danger all the time. And I got that man. I don’t need anything else in one life.
He smiled softly and said, the cooking is not good then you have to go out again.

I said angrily, after eating your handiwork, my stomach went after the char. I can’t anymore. Now try your wife’s hand cooking or tell my office colleagues how my wife cooks great!

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