PSG will not hold Neymar’s hands and feet to stay in the club

On the one hand, as the name of PSG is being pronounced loudly as the next destination of Lionel Messi, on the other hand, there are doubts whether PSG can retain the two big stars in their team.

PSG’s contract with Neymar and Killian Mbappe, the two biggest stars of the team, expires in June 2022. In such a situation, the clubs started the process of increasing the contract to retain the most important player of the team.

Definitely, PSGO did. But if Neymar or Mbappe agreed to renew the contract! The two stars have not yet renewed their contracts with the team. As a result, the names of various clubs are constantly associated with one of the best footballers in world football.

The year Neymar left Barcelona to join PSG, he has been trying to return to Barcelona since that year.

Barcelona also tried. There will be a change of team, there will be no interesting news about the name of Bara with Neymar, it has never happened.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s interest in MBAP is not new today. Real coach Zinedine Zidane has long wanted to wear Real’s jersey with his country’s biggest talent.

But Real did not agree to spend so much on one player in the Corona epidemic. Not only Real but also the name of Liverpool is associated with MBAP.

The rumors that other clubs are involved with their own players are definitely not to PSG’s liking. So will they now hold Neymar-Mbappe’s hands and feet to stay in the team? Want to beg some more time? Not at all!

PSG is not willing to sacrifice their self-esteem for any player, said Leonardo, the team’s sports director.

In an interview with France Football, Leonardo said: “I believe the players think they are at the top. I believe they are ambitious players and think that everything is possible from this club. But if we don’t want to stay after that, we won’t beg for anyone to join the team. ‘

The hint is clear, if Neymar-Mbappera wants to leave, he will leave. No extra attention will be paid to these two stars!

Leonardo sees the club as bigger than any player here. Anyone who loves the club will stay. PSG will not force anyone who does not want to be in love, ‘If anyone really likes the club, they will be. You don’t have to burn extra wood and straw to keep them.

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