Oxford-AstraZeneca seeks approval for vaccine use in the UK

Oxford University and AstraZeneca have sought approval for the use of the coronavirus vaccine in the UK.

The request was made to the country’s Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Wednesday.

On December 2, the United Kingdom became the first country in the world to approve the use of Pfizer-Bioentech coronary vaccines.

The vaccine was introduced in the country on December 6, after which several other countries, including the United States, approved it.

According to The Telegraph, MHRA may approve the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine on December 28 or 29.

Health officials in the UK say the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine will be much easier to store, transport, and deliver than Pfizer-Biotech.

The vaccine, developed by Oxford University in the United Kingdom and the American institute AstraZeneca, has been reported to be more than 90 percent effective.

Of the six vaccines produced in different countries, the Oxford-invented vaccine has the lowest price.

The potential cost of the vaccine, made by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca, is 2.20 per dose.

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