My marriage to my cousin

My marriage with my only cousin is fine! He hurried from the wedding stage and stood up and said, – ‘I can’t get married!’
Hearing her words, the whole marriage started humming in the house. I myself was very surprised to hear this! Dad got up and went in front of Abrar’s brother and said, – ‘What are you talking about Abrar? Why don’t you get married?

Abrar’s brother said indifferently, – ‘Because you are not marrying your daughter, so!’
Dad was surprised and saids, ‘What are you talkings abouts?
Abrar’s brother put his hands in his pockets and said, “Don’t you understand? Wait, why are you giving these 26 wheelbarrows full of furniture to the girl you are marrying? Am I marrying furniture?”

The mother then came forward and said, – ‘Aha, father, do you misunderstand?

Abrar smiled contemptuously and said, ‘Nowadays dowry is being given and taken in the name of formality! There is a group of decent people who are taking these things as a formality! I have never heard that there is such formality anywhere in marriage. And if you were happy, you would pay according to your ability! You are not paying according to your ability. But why? Am I marrying Furniture or marrying your daughter?

In fact, my father bought various things to give to my mother-in-law’s house, for which I had to keep half the money left. And that’s what I think Abrar’s brother heard, that’s why he did it! Meanwhile, some people in the marriage house are giving him various arguments, but he is not listening to all this! ‘No one else could go with Abrar’s brother, in the end, no furniture went with me as he said. My aunt didn’t like it at all, it was getting dark in her face! But the brother just explained to him!

When Kazi came and asked me to confess, tears were glistening in my eyes! Why is he like that? Why do I like this man so much? ‘Why?’ Tears well up in my eyes as I say goodbye.
At the last moment, Abrar came in front of him and said, “If you can’t afford to marry a girl, keep her at home, but don’t marry in a place where more than you can afford!”

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