Messi is going to be banned for how many matches?

Lionel Messi reached the 38th final for Barcelona. He had a chance to win his 35th title for this childhood club. But he did not win the title in the final of the Super Cup last night, he had to take the red card by raising his hand (it is better to say it with a twist)!

No one sees this card voluntarily unless absolutely compelled. Messi did not look compelling. Happened in the glory of the moment. With the team trailing 3-2 in extra time, Messi may have had the last chance to attack. Athletic Bilbao extended the ball from the front of the box to the left edge. Then run so that Bilbao can stay inside the box or near the ball. At that time, the Bara star could not keep his temper as the opponent striker Asia Vilibre came forward to stop him. Sit down with your right hand! Vialibre fell to the ground and groaned.

Field referee Jesus Gill Manzano showed the Bara star a red card with the help of a video assistant referee (VAR). Messi did not’s have the balls in his legs when he raises his hands to Villebres. Such treatment of the opposing player in the ‘off the ball’ moment was in no way legal. The committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation will sit in the Super Copa this week to decide what punishment can be given to the Bara captain. Messi could be banned for a maximum of four matches, the media reported. This is the first time the Argentine star has seen a red card for Bara.

According to ESPN, it is almost certain that Bara will not get the 33-year-old forward in two matches. However, the punishment can be doubled, depending on how the Super Cooper Committee views his crime. The ban will apply to La Liga and Copa del Rey matches.

Bara will take on Cornella in the Copa del Rey on Thursday. They will then face Elche in La Liga (January 24). If the penalty is extended, Messi will not be seen in the next round of the Copa, in which case Bara will have to win first against Cornella. Bara will face Athletic Bilbao at Camp Nou on 31 January in La Liga. They will play at Real Betis next week.

Ituralde Gonzalez, a former referee, and analyst for Spanish media outlet AS think the Bara star has received a red card for good reason, “Messi had to be shown a red card. Because his hand is raised. The match report also refers to hitting the opponent with the hand.

According to the Spanish media AS, if the committee thinks that Messi has attacked Viable, he may be banned for 4 matches. This punishment may be given under Article 96 of the Code of Conduct. Messi must stay away from the Bara bench and dressing room when he is banned. Can’t even enter the field.

Messi saw his first red card in the 853rd match for Bara. He had previously seen a red card for Bara ‘B’. Against Pena Sports de Tafalla on 26 February 2005. If the team had won, maybe Messi could have met the irritation of seeing a red card. But Bara lost 3-2 to Bilbao in the Super Copa final last night. Antoine Griezmann scored a pair of goals for the Catalan club. Oscar de Marcos, Viable, and Inaki Williams scored for Bilbao.

After the match, Bara coach Ronald Coman indirectly expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the refereeing, saying, “It’s better not to talk about it (refereeing). The same thing will come up again and again and it is not good to say the same thing over and over again. I will not talk about it. But I understand the meaning of watching Messi’s red card. I don’t know how many times he has been fouled. Repeated fouls are normal.

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