Messi in the eyes of PSG

Will Messi stay in Barcelona? Or not? It has been a ‘hot topic’ in the football world for almost a year now. Messi’s public desire to leave Bara has added even more fuel to the fire. But even if Messi leaves Bara. Where to go?

According to many, former guru, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City could be the destination. Some are looking at Messi, like his predecessor Diego Maradona, to make his way to Italy. But the biggest buzz is going around PSG. Neymar, Mbappe’s team will also pull Messi in the team, many are speculating. PSG-Messi has been spending Dista paper with potential knots, being. Despite this, neither PSG nor Messi has said anything public in this regard. That day is no more. This time PSG has openly stated that they want Messi.

Since Mauricio Pachettino became PSG coach, the French champions have been planning how to win the title with effective players. And it was understood that Messi is quite well in that goal. PSG’s Brazilian sports director Leonardo said that they want Messi on the team.

Messi’s contract with Barcelona is coming to an end at the end of next June. Messi is also not interested in signing a new contract. PSG will try to take advantage of this, said Leonardo. “Messi PSG’s lists of the potential best player. But this is not the time to dream or talk about it. But we are monitoring the matter. Messi has four more months on his contract. A lot can happen in four months in the football world. But for now, we’re just watching. “

Now he is busy with the upcoming presidential election in Barcelona. Even if Barcelona wants a new president, they will not be able to talk about a new contract with Messi, money is so miserable. Leonardo’s words are sure to make Bara supporters tremble!

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