I looked back at the saree of the shop

I looked back at the sari of the shop. I saw Raima buying new school dresses and shoes for the children in the shopping bag and going to pay the bill at the counter.
Raima was shocked to see me and hugged me. Our friendship is many years old.
But I was more surprised to see Raima. Where is the former Raima and where is it now!

Impressions are gains in fluid, globals, diffusers.. The look is dirty. The previous lively face seemed to be lost somewhere.
He saw me and said
You look pretty in a sari.
In fact, I never liked sari. So I would not have read it at all. Today, after so many years, he is talking.
I also said with a smile
I have become worldly!

The family and the sari are stuck in magic.
I don’t know how Raima’s face went dark when she heard that.
Then I remembered Rafsan Vaiya’s words. I heard to ask how are you 2 years ago divorced.
After such a deep love, he said if he wants to know why the marriage is divorced again
My Talk about rubbing salt in my wound – d’oh! Love is gone from time to time.

He turned his face to one side and wiped away the tears.
I talked a lot of times. I said goodbye to Reimer saying it would be my son’s school holiday.
When I came home, I was upset again and again. People change so much! I couldn’t imagine that the relationship was so fragile. Where is a pair of birds shaking the circle of friends and today there are two on both sides.

In the evening I sat the children down to read and sat on the balcony with tea. I’m thinking about myself. It is not said that Kawa is not married in a hurry.
I wondered if they knew each other well before marriage and then they got married but they didn’t get the time.
Well, do we understand each other? Sugar? Do you know better?
I do not know the answers!

Wonder how our relationship is! Will that also run out. Even with their good bonding, it is ours today.
Suddenly the calling bell rang. Who came again at this inopportune time? I see Adib thinking!
The questions that arose in my mind when I saw Adib surrounded me more.
I said with a smile
I’d like some tea, freshen up.

I went to the kitchen. Before going to the kitchen, I had to show the boy’s figure.
I was surprised to read the eyes on the kitchen table after that !!
Seen in the morning with a blue sari and a garland of belly flowers ..
Adib embraced to take the sari in his hand and said, I liked it when I could say it once! What is the need to hold down like this?
Who needs to keep it down.

If not, I would understand how my groom cares for me so much. Even at the end of the month, he can come up with something to make his wife feel good.
All questions were erased from the head.
In an instant, everything became colorful with a touch of love. Whatever the low income !! Whether or not arranged marriage e or what?
He will come and love even after marriage. He who loves will be a companion not only in this world but also in the hereafter.

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