I am reading books in the afternoon on holidays

I am reading books in the afternoon on holidays. At that moment, Sraboni (my wife) smiled and said,

  • Let’s chat about the new future of the flat next door.
    I agreed to leave without turning my face away from the book.
    After 20 to 25 minutes Sraboni came. Her eyes are red. I mischievously told him,
    Did the sister-in-law of the house next door bite you? Why is the face so red?

Sravani gritted her teeth angrily and said,

  • What are you doing with the future of the flat next door? Why do you appreciate it so much?
    I was surprised and said,
    It is normal to praise good people.
  • If you’re a good person, what in the world is a bad person? I have been living with you for 6 years. I have not seen anything good in you.
    I then whispered,
    Ratane Ratan Chine and Shuore Chine Kachu ..
    I don’t know how Sraboni heard that. He angrily went to another room.
    I am smiling and thinking, Bengali girls are really very strange. They can’t hear the praise of the husband from another girl and they can’t hear the condemnation of the husband from another girl.

That afternoon Sraboni and I were having lunch together. The sound of calling bells at that time. Sraboni opened the door and saw Bhabhi standing in the next flat with a bowl of vegetables in her hand. Seeing Sraboni, he said with a sweet smile,

  • Bhabhi, I have brought this dry curry for Piya’s Bhai. I heard from Pius Bhai that dried fish curry is not his favorite but you can’t cook dried fish curry. So I cooked it myself.

When she handed the bowl of curry to Sraboni, Bhabhi gave me a wink and Sraboni noticed it.
In the afternoon, when I entered the house with a bag full of bags in my hands, I saw something in my eyes. I couldn’t figure out what was in my eyes because I had a shopping bag in both hands. Then the sister-in-law of the flat next door saw my condition and took the dirt out of her eyes. And Sravani saw this scene from behind.

As soon as I entered the house, the 3rd world war started. Sravani started throwing one thing after another at me and I started catching,
Hey what happened to you, why are you doing that?
Sravani shouted angrily,

  • I will not marry a lustful husband like you. I will go to my father’s house today.

~Why, what have I done?

  • Ask again what you did. Poison and honey are on my lips and honey are on the lips of the next flat. I saw it with my own eyes today. Booboo boo…
    Sraboni did not listen to me. He packed his bags and went out to his father’s house. After a while, he came back and said,
  • This is my home. Dad gave it to me as a gift during our wedding. When you go out, you will go out…

At 11 o’clock at night, I am still out of the house. Sraboni hasn’t gone home yet after she kicked me out. I know Sraboni has been standing on the balcony waiting for me to come back since I left. The girl Budd loves me.

Once I woke up in the middle of the night and saw Sraboni sitting on the bed, sobbing and crying. I asked why you are crying. Then he said, if you sleep in your arms, then why did you marry me …

How can a girl who can’t stand the little pillow next to me tolerate a woman next to me…

I came home around 11 o’clock. I looked at Sraboni and saw that her eyes were swollen. That’s why I cried all the time after I left. I went to bed quietly. At that time I heard the sound of a calling bell. I opened the door and saw the future of the flat next door. Seeing me, he smiled and said,

  • Brother Pius, I’m sorry to disturb you so late at night. In fact, the fan capacitor in my bedroom is broken. Please fix it a little?

At that moment, Sravani started saying from behind,
Why is there so much trouble in your bedroom? Today the fan is gone, tomorrow the light will be gone. And why should my husband go all the time to fix it? Is there no one else? And if you have so many problems, you can not ask your husband to come from abroad? Why are you so greedy for my husband? And if I ever see my husband’s back, I’ll break your leg.

Bhabhi Sraboni of the next flat looked at him in surprise. Sraboni did not stop just saying. He had gone to kill Bhabhi. I stopped any kind of hearing and told Bhabhi to leave now …
The next day around 4 pm I and Aru I (the future of the flat next door) are sitting in a restaurant.

I grabbed Aru’s hand and said,
Didn’t you get angry yesterday for using Sravani?
Aru looked at me and smiled and said,
Why should I be angry? I’m here to annoy Sravani.

Aru is my childhood friend. A psychiatrist. He has come here to heal Sravani. In fact, my marriage to Sraboni will be like 8 years. But we haven’t had a baby yet. And while thinking about all this, Sraboni goes into depression. So now I am trying to remove this child’s thought from Sravani’s head and insert another thought. So I’m doing these performances with others.

Suddenly Aru said,
Pius, do you love Sraboni very much?
I smiled and said,
I don’t know how much I love. But I don’t want a baby. If he’s by my side, I’ll be able to look him in the eye for the rest of my life.

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