He would be happy if was selfish

You are thinking about everyone, but no one came to your side in your bad times.

It’s normal for you to think that no one is thinking about you.

It seems that I would be better off if I was selfish! No !!! And don’t worry about anyone. I am alone from today.

I’m telling you to stop thinking!

Be selfish? Why? How to be?

It is not a profession you will become if you try. You can’t! Because you grew up selfless.

Your thoughts are for those people who hurt you, and you can’t remember those who do something to keep you well. Because you like to think for everyone without understanding your own good.

You are much happier in a selfless way than in being selfish. Because you can be a little satisfied, you have a huge mind to think about everyone, you can take the responsibility to keep everyone well, at the end of the day you are the best.

Then why would you want to be like low-minded people? Leave, lead a selfless life. Selfish people try to be good for a while and live with unrest.

You’re right, stay.

Who will remember or not will not be yours, because they will come to you when they are in danger. You don’t have to go. This is a great achievement.

Stay well

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