Don’t despair

Very frustrated and worried …
But why?

What is the benefit of spending a bad time 24 hours a day? If you are upset in such a short time, it is wrong.
But yes, the reality is weird. No one ever understands how to do that. You have to be with everything … I also say don’t let the bad person come near you. You don’t have to fight to be good but stay against the bad Think positive all…

Where the error rate is 99% and the correct 1%. But take your goal in the right direction … bring it from 1% to 100% … hang on to 99%. At the end of the day, you win.

Simply put, what in the world are you worried about? Or if you repeat history, you will not find any person by verifying? Don’t look to see if anyone else is on your team.

Did you find it? Or not. If you get it, think of him as a partner, along with the fact that it happens, nothing .. everything is normal ..!
And if not? But are you unhappy alone in the world? What do you think? You will lose. No, not at all.

Then you witness the laws of nature and see the light at the end of the night. But is your position more difficult than the laws of nature .. of course, you understand … nothing is immutable.
So keep the frustration away and smile 5 times a day say I’m fine.

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