Demand for the speedy opening of educational institutions in Parliament

The ruling party MPs demanded that a positive decision be taken to reopen the educational institutions, noting that students were facing huge losses during the epidemic.

During a discussion on the motion of thanks on the President’s speech on Wednesday, they demanded that a virtual class is not enough. Educational institutions should be opened in accordance with the health rules considering the needs of the students.

State Minister for Aviation and Tourism took part in the discussion in Parliament. Mahbub Ali, a member of the government. Mother Hossain, Solaiman Haque Joarddar, Anwar Abedin Khan, Dr. Samil Uddin Ahmed Shimul, Md. Abdul Aziz, MM Shahzada, and Khaleda Khanam and independent MP Rezaul Karim Bablu.

State Minister for Aviation. Mahbub Ali said the aviation and tourism sectors have suffered the most during the Corona period. But due to the far-sighted decision of the Prime Minister, I have been able to keep the sector afloat by tackling Corona. We are better than other countries. The Parliaments was off at the time of the corona, all over the world. Even then we took various steps to keep the aircraft moving. We tried to make up for the loss. There are still flights off in many countries. But we continue to fly according to hygiene rules.

He added that new aircraft are being added to the fleet. Work is underway to modernize the airports. Work is underway to attract domestic and foreign tourists by increasing the facilities in the tourist centers. As a result, the rapid development of this sector will be possible. The Minister of State for Aviation said that it was possible to continue the economic progress of Bangladesh at a time when the global recession was taking place due to the Corona effect.

Noting that the education sector has weakened during the Corona period, former state minister Motaher Hossain said the government has taken unprecedented steps in the development of education. Online classes are running because the country is digital. Although it is a virtual class, the students of the village are not able to benefit much. Education is being damaged due to the closure of educational institutions. Therefore, educational institutions should be opened as soon as possible.

He added that the Teesta River has become a source of grief in his area. There is no water in the river. The riverbank can be reached on foot. The water that comes from India is very little. It does not work in cultivation. The Teesta treaty was not implemented. The people of the region will benefit greatly if this agreement is made as soon as possible.

Responding to opposition criticism of the corona vaccine, former whip Solomon Haque Joarder said the vaccine had not yet arrived. Allegations of irregularities and corruption are already being made. It is not acceptable in any way. It is natural that those who do not want the country will criticize and conspire against the development and progress of the country. The people must stand up against it.

He added that the ministry should take a final decision on opening educational institutions. Educational institutions have to be opened in compliance with the health rules.

Dr. Samil Uddin Shimul said Bangladesh is moving towards a prosperous country under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. But the country’s major political parties are trying to destabilize the country by cooperating with the anti-independence forces. Sheikh Hasina’s development and love must be conveyed to the people of the country by resisting this evil effort.

Independent MP Rezaul Karim Bablu demanded the establishment of an airport in Bogra on the golden jubilee of independence. He said Bogra has ample space. This demand of the people of North Bengal can be met if the government wants. He demanded the reopening of educational institutions as well as an increase in allowances for imams of mosques and a waiver of electricity bills.

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